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Use our MENA company search tool to search, find and view profiles for target customers and potential business partners.

Search through the Accelerate SME start-up and SME members, and also get access to our database of over 40,000 companies in MENA. Find trusted company intelligence on your peers and other SMEs in the market to support your business development activities and inform key business decisions. We give you access to hard-to-find company information and contact information to help meet your KYC needs

  • Search for start-ups, SMEs and large companies across MENA

  • View company profiles and find hard-to-get KYC data

  • Reach out using up-to-date contact information

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Earn the Accelerate SME Trust Rating today. It provides you with an accurate indicator of your company’s financial health. Think about it as your company's score.

Simply provide a few key financial metrics and your company’s latest annual financial statement to get your score today. You can keep the score private for your own learning, or choose to show it on your company profile to stand out and build credibility.

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